The School of Data Science is an education initiative to help meet the world’s demand for professionals and leaders skilled in developing and utilizing automated and intelligent methods of using data as a strategic resource. We aim to bring accessible, affordable, practical, and interactive data science and engineering education to the world. We offer training programs and tailored corporate learning solutions to cover the concepts, technology and applied practices you'll need throughout the entire lifecycle, from asking the relevant questions to making predictions using machine learning models and visualizing results. Whether you are an established professional or new to the fields of data science, data engineering or machine learning, our training shall provide the expertise you need to make sense of the data.

Data Science and Machine Learning

We provide a full range of workshops and training programs to help you learn the skills you need to become a practicing data scientist. Whether you're looking to hone your skills, acquire new machine learning techniques, data visualization practices or simply learn the fundamentals of data science, review our course offerings to select the course or courses right for you.

Data Engineering
We all have to learn to deal with Big Data!

With Big Data becoming ever so relevant, it is essential now for us to learn how to store, process, and analyze growing and evolving datasets. We offer data eningeering training for beginners and experts to help them create real solutions for Big Data. We offer public and corporate on-site training courses across the region.

Courses are designed for professionals, technologists and data scientists to learn how they can take advantage of open source and enterprise data management platform to deliver value and profitability by analyzing massive scale data sets.

To learn more about the data engineering training programs, or enquire about corporate on-site training, please contact us.

data science
Training Your Workforce on Data Science Practices, Methods and Tools.

All organizations face the challenge of how to analyze and predict from data, and the most successful are those that handle and exploit it effectively. More and more organizations therefore want Data Scientists. Persontyle specializes in assisting and guiding organizations in the development of their Data Science capability.

"Data Science is all about building teams and culture"

For organizations to ensure that data creates value, calls for a reskilling effort. You have the data, you need people who can manage it and find insights in it. We offer cost-effective solutions for training your work force on Data Science fundamentals, models, and tools.
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Data Science Talent Strategy Workshop

Engage us to conduct a free Data Science talent strategy workshop for your organization.

[PhD to Data Scientist]
London, 2015

A 6 week bootcamp fellowship in London that prepares the talented STEM PhDs to work as data scientists. Program is for quantitative oriented research professionals (PhD and postdoc students) who have a strong desire to round off their data science skills, in preparation for assuming senior data scientist roles in an industry setting. The program is free for fellows. Employers only pay a tuition fee if they successfully hire.

Interested in Sponsoring or Hiring Fellows?

Sponsorship involves supplying a data science project for the fellows to work on, and/or financial support for running the bootcamp. Recruitment Week will be held in the last week of the bootcamp and is a way to match up data scientists with companies in a two way pitch and interview process. Participating companies will be able to present their job opportunities to the fellows who can then speak directly with the company recruiters and hopefully end up with a job offer by the end of the week.

If you are interested in sponsorship please contact us on
020 3239 3141 or email us at

2 Weeks – Course Work
3 Weeks - Project Work
Last Week - Project Presentations and Jobs Fair

  • Join a community
  • Connect with Data Science experts
  • Learn the Data Science essentials
  • Build projects and data products
  • Hack your ideas into reality

The application process is expected to open in September 2014. To stay informed, please register your interest.

open data
Open Data + Data Science = Social Good

Open Data Science Fellows Program (ODSFP) is a collaborative platform to get together to learn data science, to solve meaningful data problems, hang out, ask questions, share ideas and have a great time. ODSFP is a not-for-profit program dedicated to the dissemination of data science and applying it for social good.

Exciting opportunity for us to collaboratively engage with each other, the community and issues we care about, and our world. Learn Data Science and apply it to solve real data challenges of social/charity/humanitarian organizations. Get in touch if you want to organize ODSFP in your country, city, university or club.

We’ve started first ODSFP in London, come join the party!

Book a 30 minutes session to discuss your data science training requirements.

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