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We are spreading the love of Data Science and scientific thinking. Our Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Engineering workshops and bootcamps are carefully designed by senior data scientists and academics to turn you into a Data Science practitioners. We organize courses, workshops, bootcamps, and datathons throughout the year in major cities of the world. Soon we will be in your city helping you to learn and apply Data Science.



Limited or no prior knowledge of the Data Science and Machine Learning
Getting Started With R and Data Analysis
Coming soonLondon - UK£350 £300Early bird discount REGISTER NOW
What is Data Science?Coming soonLondon - UK£350 £275Early bird discount REGISTER NOW
Data Science for Business LeadersComing soonLondon - UK£600 £570Early bird discount REGISTER NOW
Introducing Python For
Data Science

Coming soonLondon - UK£350 £332Early bird discount PRE-REGISTER
Statistics 101
Coming soonLondon - UK£700 £665Early bird discount PRE-REGISTER


Build on, apply or enhance your Data Science and Machine Learning knowledge
Get Started in Machine LearningComing soonLondon - UK£1,500 £1,300Early bird discount REGISTER NOW
Machine Learning Basics with RComing soonLondon - UK£700 £600Early bird discount REGISTER NOW
Introduction to Data Science Using RComing soonLondon - UK£1,000 £850Early bird discount REGISTER NOW
Basics of Python for Data ScienceComing soonLondon - UK£1,000 £950Early bird discount PRE-REGISTER
Data Science Foundation Bootcamp
Coming soonLondon - UK£2,500 £2,375Early bird discount PRE-REGISTER


Take your Data Science knowledge to the next levels
Fundamentals of Machine Learning
Coming soonLondon - UK£1,500 £1,300Early bird discount PRE-REGISTER
Cluster Analysis with R
Coming soonNew York - USA£1,000 £875Early bird discountPRE-REGISTER
Advanced Machine Learning
Coming soonLondon - UK£1,000 £875Early bird discount PRE-REGISTER
Directed Graphical ModelsComing soon London - UK£1,000 £875Early bird discount PRE-REGISTER

Big Data Academy

Learning solutions for Data engineering and Hadoop platform
Hadoop as an Enterprise Data PlatformComing soonLondon, UK£350 £332Early bird discount 5%PRE-REGISTER
Hadoop for Solution ArchitectsComing soonLondon, UK£700 £665Early bird discount 5%PRE-REGISTER
Hadoop for Data ScientistsComing soonLondon, UK£700 £665Early bird discount 5%PRE-REGISTER
Apache Mahout for Machine LearningComing soon London, UK£700 £665Early bird discount 5%PRE-REGISTER
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