The meaningful and real potential of Data Science will be realized by working collaboratively to help people learn how to use data to create authentic, sustainable and shared value. Challenge of empowering people to deal with the data cannot be done without effective collaboration. Individuals, institutions, academicians, and experts from many fields need to work together seamlessly across disciplines, organizational and geographical boundaries to empower people to understand, reason, challenge, question and solve important problems using data.

Let’s work together to give people the power to create, invent, and do the most. Let’s collaborate for a new world, a world of reason that will give everyone a fair and equal opportunity. We need you, Data Science needs you and most importantly people want us to work together so that knowledge of Data Science can be shared with widest possible audience.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us on We would love to work with you.

Get Involved


We openly invite and eagerly welcome everyone who shares a genuine passion for Data Science and seeks to share that knowledge, along with it their expertise and research with a whole world of people interested in and waiting to learn Data Science. You have stories to share, you want to help people learn the art and science of analyzing data scientifically or you want to present your research or ideas . Well, then we have just the right platform for you whether you desire to instruct your own courses or participate as a guest speaker. Get in touch!


Organizations enjoy the privilege of having multiple avenues to becoming a part of the Persontyle community. Starting from hosting events and meet-ups, donating data sets, software, cloud based training environments and books or by organizing joint training programs or simply by providing for the scholarship of an eligible student. Please contact us if you would like to get involved or learn more about Persontyle Scholarship Program.


Let’s work together to curate curriculum and courses for Data Science. In the spirit of participation, Data Science needs it's researchers, it's practitioners and it's educationists from Statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning and other Data Science specific quantitative disciplines to collaborate and help create curriculum and design courses for Data Science that live up to the highest of educational standards. All course development work is to be published under the Creative Commons licences for anyone to use.

Are you an organization or an individual data scientist that would like to get involved? Give us a shout at

Coefficient Training Partnerships Program

[from New Latin coefficiēns, from Latin co- together + efficere to effect]

Coefficient training partnerships program is designed to achieve the goal of Data Science education for everyone. We want to build an ecosystem that helps all of us make learning Data science possible, accessible and affordable. We are interested in collaborating with training providers and re-sellers, professional institutes, and academic institutions to expand the global reach of Data Science education. We are open to any type of collaboration , get in touch and we can discuss how best we can work together.

Partner Benefits

- Join Coefficient program to offer the most comprehensive and role based Data Science training to your customers

- The Data Science training solutions we offer are simple, structured, practical and most importantly designed for humans

- Tailor and customize our courses to meet your customer needs and requirements

- Advisory services to help you define and design your Data Science education offering

- You maintain your relationships with your clients but share our experience and knowledge to support you

- Special discounts for all partners and their staff

- Opportunity to work with us to design new courses aimed at helping people learn emerging Data Science tools and techniques

- Design and deliver joint events, seminars, workshops and webinars

- Offer Data Science courses at your events and conferences

Please contact us at to learn more about becoming an Coefficient Partner.

Product Learning Partners

We help people learn your products, platforms and solutions.

Our Partner Product Training courses will help people get most out of your Data Science products, platforms and solutions and equip them with the deep practical knowledge and skills required to achieve analytical excellence. We will learn your product and design learning experiences to help others learn it. We work with you to design courses to teach Data Science concepts, practices and use cases using your product and solution. And if you are already offering training services then we are interested in delivering your training courses to our customers.To inquire about joining product learning partner program, please email us at