Learn, Network, and Innovate at PAPIs ‘14



Learn, Network, and Innovate at PAPIs ‘14


Guest post by Louis Dorard 

When I started writing about the tools that make it easier to create and deploy predictive models in your business or in your app, I focused on two of them: Google Prediction API and BigML. There are many more great tools actually in this space (some of which only came out this year) Datagami, Dataiku, Indico, Intuitics, Graphlab, Openscoring, PredicionIO, Rapidminer, Yhat… 

What better way to learn how to use them than from the very people who made them, through hands-on sessions illustrated with concrete case studies? Well, that’s what’s waiting for you at PAPIs.io on 17 and 18 November in Barcelona, Spain — right before Strata. There will be tutorials on the first day, which will close with Jeroen Janssens, author of Data Science at the Command Line, who’ll give an exclusive tutorial on using several of these tools to make predictions from the command line. At the end of the day you’ll be ready to use them at our (free) Hack Night fuelled by code, beer and patatas bravas!

The second day will be dedicated to expert perspectives from companies that are deploying a wide array of predictive apps. I feel that one of the key things that are needed by people who are curious about Predictive is to see what others are doing, what value they’re creating, and how. All the sessions that have been selected by the Program Committee are very practical — no BS, marketing speeches or buzzword cover-ups. They fit within the following 4 categories: showcases of innovative real-world uses of Machine Learning (“Showcases“), challenges in creating and deploying predictive APIs and apps (“Challenges”), stories of non-data scientists who created predictive apps (”Predictive For All”), and demos of tools applied to concrete predictive use cases (“Tools In Action”).

PAPIs.io is also a place where you’ll hear thought leaders share their vision, with a keynote by Vijay Narayanan, Microsoft Director of Machine Learning and Data Solutions, a keynote by Andy Thurai, IBM Program Director for API, IoT and Connected Cloud, and a panel discussion on the future of predictive APIs.

Check out the full schedule and list of speakers on Lanyrd


If you’re interested in attending the conference, I’ve come up with an exclusive offer for you that will only be valid for 24 hours: 40% off the regular registration price (75€ instead of 125€) plus a free copy of Bootstrapping Machine Learning in PDF/ePub/Mobi formats (worth $39) if you don’t already own it. For this, register for PAPIs using discount code BMLPAPIS and send your email receipt to bmlpapis@codole.com in order to get your free copy of Bootstrapping Machine Learning.

Hoping to meet you in person next month in Barcelona!