Announcing Data Science Middle East Foundation



Announcing Data Science Middle East Foundation


In the last two years the world has produced more data than in all of human history. All this data and digital technologies powered by machine intelligence are changing the way everyone operates. For businesses and government services to compete in a connected economy they need to be able to make sense of all the valuable information that is being generated to unleash new waves of productivity, growth and innovation. 

We’ve started Data Science Middle East (DSME) Foundation with the vision to create a regional collaboration on digital skills and data talent development. DSME brings together business and technology professionals, researchers, experts, practitioners, and industry leaders to promote digital data literacy, research and innovation through open projects, capacity building, and community engagements.

This initiative marks a big step forward in uniting the worlds of business leadership, digital transformation, data science and new talent development.  With the support from the local governments, industry organizations, communities and academic institutions, DSME will offer variety of data education opportunities and digital workforce skills development projects.

Data science isn’t just for data scientists. In massively connected data driven world, it is imperative that the workforce of today and tomorrow is able to understand what data is available and use scientific methods to analyze and interpret it. DSME is here to help you learn and apply the art and science of turning data into meaningful insights and intelligent predictions.

This launch is an invitation to industry, and academia to let you know that the DSME is open for business. We are looking forward to working with all of you to put data at the core of economic development and innovation with the aim of building a sustainable Middle East. If you are interested in collaborating with DSME or have exciting ideas to develop digital data talent, please contact us on


We (DSME and Everati team) are excited to confirm that Middle East’s first professional workshop to learn the most demanded skills of 2016 will be in Dubai (UAE) on 25-27 April, 2016. Amazing! Great opportunity to practically learn data science and machine learning to advance your knowledge and career. Attend this workshop to learn the fundamentals of data science and machine learning and leave armed with practical skills to extract value from data. 

Everati, our regional partner for the data science workshops, are a UAE based organization dedicated to the provision of global business information through premier, high-profile, specialized events. For more information on how to attend, participate or become a sponsor, please visit


I’m already excited about the programs we have lined up so keep an eye on here, our facebook and twitter for more details. Join the DSME group and we’ll keep you updated.

As data becomes more influential in shaping the work and strategies of so many industries, we want to be prepared to raise a generation with the skills and knowledge to work with data.  For collaborations, partnership and joint industry programs, get in touch at or drop me a line directly. We would love to work with you to enable digital and data-driven Middle East.

Best regards,

Ali Syed