Persontyle is a global consulting, education and products company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in digital transformation, enterprise artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning, IoT, and 21st century talent development. Born from the idea of creating a new type of a institution that deliver transformational outcomes for always connected digital world. Persontyle brings together deeply experienced industry leaders, business specialists, data scientists, machine learning engineers, programmers, designers and digital experience engineers with diverse backgrounds to tackle important business innovation challenges. We are a team of creative, passionate and honest people who band together on challenges from data engineering to machine learning.

We are obsessed with helping individuals, organizations and communities to deliver real and meaningful value.

We collaboratively work with teams to apply curiosity, intuition and scientific methods to create value using data annd artifical intelligence that solves our most difficult problems. We help organisations turn data into insights, ideas, predictions, products and value. It is our fundamental belief that empowering people and organizations apply intelligent technologies enables freedom, empowerment and yields important development benefits for individuals and societies.

“We want to excel at applying AI to improve our understanding of the world, explore unknowns, solve complex problems, build intelligent solutions, and most importantly to ask new questions.” Ali Syed, Founder of Persontyle

Persontyle Group Limited is headquartered in London, UK.

Persontyle Values

Our emotional investment

Our values define who we are and remind us every day why we come together as a team and why we are part of Persontyle. We are led by our commitment to do meaningful work and our love for life, people, and social change. These values represent our collective emotional investment.