Deep Learning Summer Camp

Data Science is a fundamental skill for all professionals.

Every object on earth is generating data, including our homes, our cars and yes even our bodies. Data is the by-product of our new digital existence.

Data has the potential to revolutionize the way business, government, science, research, and healthcare are carried out. Data presents unprecedented opportunities to those who have the skills and expertise to use it to unveil patterns, insights, signals and predict trends which was never possible before.

In massively connected data driven world, it is imperative that the workforce of today and tomorrow is able to understand what data is available and use scientific methods to analyze and interpret it.

We’re here to help you learn and apply the art and science of turning data into meaningful insights and intelligent predictions.

"Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write."
- H.G. Wells

Develop the most demanded skill for the 21st century.

The School of Data Science specializes in helping you learn Data Science in simple human terms. Offering workshops, bootcamps and training programs for you to learn concepts and skills needed to become a data scientist.

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Use big data as a strategic resource to amplify impact and deliver value

Services designed to help you use big data as a value and impact amplifier. We work with you to make sense of data by applying Data Science. No matter how big or complex your data landscape.

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Seize the potential of big data in a simple, fast and smart way

Formula 121 = Your Team + Data Science Practitioners tackling complicated data and machine learning challenges. Formula 121 can be used for everything from demand forecasting, market segmentation, churn analysis, to sentiment analysis.

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Customized Data Science training programs for your workforce

Your team is not like any other. You're addressing specific data challenges and opportunities with a particular skill set. We'll listen to your needs and design the perfect Data Science training program tailored to your organization and your team.

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Learn the science and art of turning data into
meaningful insights, predictions, intelligence and digital data products.



Learn basics of Data Science concepts, practices and methods you need to seize the economic, social and business potential of data.

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Develop the foundation level competence in Machine Learning and finding, manipulating, managing, interpreting and visualizing data.

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Take your Data Science knowledge to the next levels by learning advanced Data Science and Machine Learning concepts, practices, models and tools.

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Train your workforce on Data Science and Machine Learning fundamentals, theories, and tools. Focused on your challenges and opportunities.

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Embrace uncertainty, love the unknowns, and make peace with ambiguity.


Data as a fabric of this digital age underpins all that we do. Insights and inferences drawn from data scientifically provide us the opportunity to maximize impact and deliver meaningful value to all of our endeavors, activities and efforts. Using data we can create economic and social value and thus achieving breakthrough results never possible in the past.


"Succeeding with data isn't just a matter of putting Hadoop in your machine room, or hiring some physicists with crazy math skills. It requires you to develop a data culture that involves people throughout the organization."

- DJ Patil and Hilary Mason



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